Thursday, 15 December 2016

How To Influence People At Work

Whether it is colleagues, staff, bosses, juniors, senior or clients, you need to make a good impression with all those you deal with at work. Striking a good impression will help you influence them, which in turn will help you get your work done quickly and conveniently, with lesser resistance from your side. Successful businessmen are those who know how to treat their people in a way that makes them eager to give them their 100%. If you want to be one among those successful names, you need to know how to influence people around you. Here are some useful tactics to help you be more influential in your workplace, while staying honest and sincere. Whatever tactics you use, remember that it is the way you communicate with others that has them to be attracted towards you or repel you. If you are weaker on this part, make sure you get in touch with MARG to get the finest communication skills training in Bangalore that can help you build great relationships personally as well as professionally.

Give before you take

“You get what you give.” You have heard of this statement millions of times. Make sure you give first before asking for anything in a business connection. Input goodness and establish sincerity within a relationship from your end, and you will see the same returning to you without much additional effort. Start giving without asking or expecting for some time, and you will see how things soon reciprocate without even asking for it.

Identify and appeal to people’s values

Different people value different things. Some may treasure success and recognition, while others may appreciate honesty and loyalty. In order to impress, you need to know what the other person values, and then you need to appeal to those values. Analyze the person’s actions, lifestyle and the kind of people he links with to understand what is important to him. Remember that every individual has different priorities, so you must be adaptable in order to please each one around. This means that you need to speak to others in their language and ways, rather than expecting them to adapt to your values.

Try to match up to people’s identities

Just like values, you need to be able to identify the identity of the person you are dealing with too. if you are able to find out the right personality of the person and are able to match that identity with your words and actions, any request from you is going to be very persuasive. This is because he will find you to be a logical match, and will more likely agree with you on all terms.

Focus on the positive points

Try not giving feedbacks unless you are asked for it. Yes, you could always give positive ones to encourage people for what they do right. Also, when asked for a feedback, avoid criticism and focus on the positive points of people. Encourage people to develop their strengths rather than pointing out their mistakes. Be friendly and positive in order to maintain rapport and encourage cooperation.

Return favours

In the business world, you are highly valued if you return favours, especially without anyone having the chance to ask for it. However close someone is to you in the professional front, never take the relationship for granted. When a favour is done to you, remember that you have to pay back for it, and that too at the earliest. Show appreciation for any kind of favour done to you by reciprocating. This is also an efficient way of getting things done easily, where people give and receive out of sincere desire to help.


You need the right tactics to influence people around you at work. These include identifying their identity and values and matching up to them. You must also be generous and considerate enough to help people around you and to return any favours they do to you.

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