Thursday, 2 February 2017

Why Is Leadership Training At All Levels Important?

Majorly, organizations are seen to be giving leadership training and development only to their top level employees – those at the senior and executive levels. But, it is suggested that leadership training is given to the masses as well as it needs to scale. This training needs to be extended to every employee within the organization, or else it will result in ineffective leaders, disengaged employees and turnover problems. Do you want to know what problems are encountered if leadership development does not scale to the masses? Read further.

Employees quit their job

Employees are required to use their skills and abilities at work to contribute to their job satisfaction. And when they aren’t satisfied with their job, they tend to move away to something better. When good performance employees quit their job, it is not the employees, but the organization that suffers a great deal. Without leadership training opportunities, employees start getting impassive and tend to look for better opportunities. They feel like their career will not grow in their current workplace, and thus they plan to move ahead. In a survey, only 15% of people said they believe to be promoted to the next level of management, while more than 60% said they don’t see any job satisfaction in the next few years! Employees will always be in search of an organization that provides effective training and a more promising career path.

Inactive employees

Studies have shown that half of the managers have always been bent on signing up great talent and keeping the best employees on their jobs. A majority of organizations prioritize talent and their movement up the graph. This means that the management looks for employees full of talent and those that are driving up to their full potential. But, when employees with leadership potential aren’t trained well, they can never reach their full potential, and thus become stagnant, inactive and inefficient.

Disengaged employees

The more engaged the leaders are, so will be the employees, and vice versa. So, if the leaders are not effective with the right attributes, they will not be involved or engaged with their roles and responsibilities. And if the leaders are not engaged, the employees will be least interested and disengaged too. Employees that are monitored by engaged leaders are more likely to be engaged than those supervised by disengaged and unprofessional leaders. However, it has been surveyed that there are unfortunately only 35% of managers who are engaged with their work.

Employees dread their leaders

If leaders do not get appropriate training, they will be ineffective. And employees are definitely going to dread working under the leadership of such poor leaders. Because leaders without proper training won't succeed, employees will want to find better managers to work with. Surveys have revealed that not more than 20% of managers today have the talent required for their role. But, if leaders are provided with proper training, this number is sure to increase. You cannot expect managers to learn completely on their job and use their natural abilities to be effective. The right kind of training and development is definitely needed to master the skills required.

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