Thursday, 20 April 2017

4 Tips To Building A High Performing Team

 Everyone wants to build up a team that brings in expected or more-than-expected results every time. However, this isn't as easy as it may seem. Organizations are always looking out for the secrets to put together a perfect and high performing team. So, what is a high performing team? It is a group of people who operate above the average market level and consistently meet their goals. They are a group of people who share a common vision, goals, and metrics. They are those who cooperate and hold each other accountable to achieve outstanding results. However, such a team can only be formed by putting together the right combination of employees with the right project responsibilities. And more importantly, it requires leaders who not only build up an effective team but also take steps to maintain the positivity and functionality of the team. For this, you can take help from MARG, a leader in providing the best quality team building training in Bangalore, who can help you enhance the skills of leaders and managers in your organization in every possible way to bring up the best outcomes.

Coming back to the building of high performance teams, here are the most important tips you need to follow.

Dividing tasks between team members

When your entire team is busy multitasking, you can be sure that you won’t achieve the desired results. This is because with multiple things going on at once, they won’t be able to focus well, leading them to not accomplish any of the tasks well. Similarly, the entire team working together on only a single task is not effective too. If everyone on the team is working on the same thing, it limits capacity. So, finding a middle way out, the work must be distributed appropriately amongst the team members in a way that every individual has only a few critical tasks to focus upon, and all the tasks that need to be accomplished are completed on time in the best way possible. With the team being broken into smaller teams, and every employee knowing their responsibilities and what to focus upon, all the time and efforts can be effectively directed to meet the goals of the organization.

Developing distinctive teams

You need to develop a team that involves people of different strengths who can come together to align their efforts with critical business functions to deliver the best results. You need to know which attributes of people will go well with the others and set up teams accordingly to accomplish the particular projects. Remember that the more diverse the team, the more likely they are to achieve the whole range of thinking and acting for a successful outcome.

Planning team building events

For your team to be effective, it is very important that all the team members share good rapport with one another. Therefore, you need to take steps to build strong relationships between them. For this, you can plan up team building events that help them to bond with one another effectively on a personal front, which will ultimately reflect within the processes of your organization. You can also encourage periodic get-togethers on special occasions like birthdays, office anniversary, festivals, etc. so that human team spirit is fostered. It isn’t important that all your team members are friends with one another, but it is vital that they respect, understand, and trust one another.

Taking a proactive approach towards potential challenges

High performing teams are not resistant to challenges or obstacles, but what makes them different is their expertise at handling difficulties when they arrive. This is because they already have a proactive plan that lets them know how to deal with conflicts and challenges even before they arrive. When team members already know how to interact with one another even in times of conflicts, nothing can harm the performance.

These are only some of the most important tools that can help you make your team productive and efficient, and lead you towards success. When you approach MARG for team building training in Bangalore, you will learn all the basic and advanced ways in which you can lead your team to become better and more professional. When they become better, they can work more collaboratively and make a huge difference in revenue, efficiency, and morale.


High performing teams are those whose members share a common vision, goals, and metrics, and operate above the average market level to consistently meet their goals. Using these four methods, you can also come up with a high performing team for your organization.

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